Andrew Grogan-Kaylor

My interests are in developing more knowledge about people, social problems, and potential interventions. I am strongly motivated by concerns for social justice.  Right after undergraduate studies, I was a community organizer for a year, and then a Peace Corps Volunteer living for two years in the at-the-time remote Upper East Region of Ghana, and doing community development work, both in English, and in the local language Kusaal.  These early experiences have been the source of commitments to social justice, and to developing an evidence base for practice, that continue in my work today.

Meta-Analysis of 50 years of research on corporal punishment.

My core intellectual interest is the way in which parenting behaviors, like the use of physical punishment, or parental expressions of emotional warmth, have an effect on child outcomes like aggression, antisocial behavior, anxiety and depression and children’s thinking about violence.  I am interested in how these dynamics play out across contexts, neighborhoods, and cultures.  A lot of my work is done with international samples.

In my work I use advanced statistical models, like multilevel models and some econometric models, and software like Stata, R, HLM and ArcGIS, to examine things like growth and change over time, or community, school or parent effects on children and families.  I’m also very interested in data visualization.


I also work on developing and evaluating interventions for under-served populations, particularly among people who speak Spanish as their primary language.  The globe on this webpage indicates the countries where some of the data that I’ve used has come from, or where I have done some work.  Click on the globe below for an interactive version.


Please click here for my faculty page on the School of Social Work website.  The School of Social Work tends to keep a more up to date record of my recent publications than I do on this website.

This web site contains links to some of my current research endeavors. Not everything I do is captured on the website. I help to lead the Child Violence and Trauma Laboratory in the Department of Clinical Psychology and we are currently evaluating an intervention with Latina mothers and their children.  Up until very recently much of my research time was spent with the Santiago Longitudinal Study (SLS), and I still spend some time working with SLS colleagues.

Poverty is an underlying dynamic in much of my work. Because I am interested in interventions that may reduce poverty, I also collaborate on studies of interventions to reduce poverty with the Performance Measurement Initiative at the William Davidson Institute at the Ross School of Business.

Lastly, I have sometimes helped out providing research consultations for the faculty in the School.  These research consultations are now located in our Research Office.

For copies of any of my published research papers, please e-mail me at

I have many course materials on the web that are not directly linked to from this website.  If you are one of my students and can’t find a particular resource that you need for class, please let me know at

My old, and mostly not updated blog on statistics, data analysis, and my research activities is at:  I try to put most of my updates on this website, but there is still some interesting material on the blog.

This webpage is mostly up to date, but always under construction to some degree. If you think something should be here, but it isn’t, please let me know.

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