Data Visualization (dataviz)

I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about data visualization, and the degree to which data visualization can contribute to understanding social phenomena. Here are a few data visualizations that I’ve worked on:

“How to Choose a Chart”how_to_choose_a_chart_a_visual_guide.png

Three Versions:

  1. PDF
  2. HTML
  3. One Page “Visual Guide“)


Variables and Visualization (HTML Slides) (PDF)


A Quick Introduction to the ggplot2 Graphing Library (HTML Web Book) (PDF) .



Understanding Bar Charts in ggplot2


An Example of a Potential Agency Dashboard, written in the flexdashboard package in R.


A Guide to “Graphing Change Over Time

graphing change over time

A visualization of the countries that have placed country level bans upon physical punishment


Some visualizations of ideas of multilevel modeling using data from the High School and Beyond Data Set


A “motion chart” of social class and happiness data from the General Social Survey

(click on the graph below to go to an interactive version)