Media Mentions of Meta-Analysis of Corporal Punishment Research

Gershoff, E. T., & Grogan-Kaylor, A. (2016). Spanking and Child Outcomes: Old Controversies and New Meta-Analyses. Journal of Family Psychology. 30(4), 453-469. 

Our meta-analysis of 50 years of research on corporal punishment has received at least 100 mentions in the English language news media.  Further, a report from University of Michigan News indicates that the press release from UM News received “more than 100 hits in Spanish, 60 in Chinese, 43 in Portuguese and 23 in India.”

Here are some of the many mentions:

We discuss some of the implications of research on spanking–including our meta-analysis–in an article for The Conversation.

Joan Lipuscek has written a really nice blog post thinking through some of the issues raised by our research.

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